Michael Herman's
Hall of Voices

Check out some of Michael's characters and a sample of his range of voices.

1 Minute Quick Character Voice Demo

This 1 minute quick and crazy demo showcases six of MIchael's character voices.

Lost Haven
Game Intro Video

Intro video for the online role playing game Gromm. Narration, sound effects and music by Michael Herman.

Character Voices

Albert Lowenstien

A PG rated superstar. Al is considered the oldest known wrestler in the world. Although aged he has proven very able in mind and body.

The Bradley Bros

Obnoxious identical "twins?". Small and brash or big and dumb... the Bradley Bros come in one flavor... annoying.

Billy Lowenstien

Insane mechanical pencil wielding underhanded investment capitalist. Watch him incite, jeer and be Fight Show!'s worst critic. He does this all while draining the coffers of Fight Show! and making off with everyone's trademarks and gimmicks before scurry away like the rat he is.

Erik Von Kerin /
Mr. White

At one time he was a young and promising tag team prospect. He was led astray and into betraying his tag partner, his brother Sam. His mentor? The one who would lead him to live a life behind a mask? His own father... Now reunited with his brother Sam, the Von Kerin boys along with little brother Yorgi, stand as one.

Mr. Black

The manipulative yet delusional man behind the mask. His identity is well known as the father of the Von Kerin Family.

Kenny Grime / Kenny Time

The face and voice of Fight Show! Without any credentials, he seems to somehow worm his way through the entertainment industry. Ill-mannered, self-centered, egotistical, boorish ... all words used to describe Kenny, all would be accurate.


The youngest Von Kerin is perhaps the bravest... Yorgi can fly and fight with the best of them. He never lets his small stature keep him from putting on a wonderful match! Never backing down from a challenge, he is fiercely loyal to his brothers.


He has climbed to the top of Mt Uber and defeated the titans one by one... He has claimed the title and throne of The Uberbeast.