Video Editing Portfolio

Michael Herman

I want to congratulate you on the professionalism of the editing, these are great! 

The ABC's of Dementia Video Series

Game Submission Video

Early concept game submission video.  Narration, sound effects, animation, music and video editing by Michael Herman. 

The Glass Half

A demo of voice acting, scoring, SFX, and video enhancement.

1 minute demo reel - 2020

A short demo to showcase various and techniques and services offered.

Lost Haven
Game Intro Video

Intro video for the online role playing game Gromm. Video editing, narration and sound effects and music by Michael Herman.

2020 MHerman EFed / Esports Demo Reel

All self captured footage from 4WFC Fight Show! Demonstration of basic video editing techniques including storytelling, highlight clips, transitions, effects, cuts, audio use, thirds, and other elements.

Kenny Time's "New" Fight Show
Season 1

Witness the historic first season of the groung breaking efed! (18 episodes)

Uses MDickie Wrestling MPire. The game has been completely modded and customized for the Kenny Time esports EFed.

4WFC Presents: Fight Show!

A continuation and reimagination of the Fight Show using familiar characters and a new platform. (10 episodes)

Uses the WWE2K series on XBox 360 and PS4. Footage captured through Roxio GameCap and Roxio GameCap HDPro.

4WFC Presents:
Fight Show
Facebook Page

Check out more videos on the 4thWarden Fight Club's Fight Show Facebook Page


Cyberlink Power Director
Screaming Bee VoxMorph
Sony Acid Pro
Roxio GameCap HD Pro